How I Feel About Medium: Chasing 'Clicks?'

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What a title, right?! This title is for 'clicks' and giggles while showcasing my quirky personality as a writer since my audience is growing. Therefore, each one of you fell into this "trap." However, we can presume that all writers on an online publishing platform, like Medium considers how many 'clicks' their story will get.

Be prepared to not be prepared in this writing journey with me; brace yourselves for what's to come!

In this moment, I'm letting my thoughts freely flow as I write. PAUSE! I would like to formally thank each one of you that has been following my stories for sometime now and if this is your first time discovering me, *lol* I would like to formally invite each one of you to follow my stories only if nudged to do so though. This right here is a conversational piece, so *pause* to get something to sip, or take a sip right now then continue reading on!

I desire to build an organic audience that interacts with my stories. My audience is "slowly but surely" growing. Therefore, I like to think that I'm attracting just that! I really enjoy writing poetry because I love defying grammatical rules in order to showcase more of my PERSONALITY. By the way, I'm a self-published author that has written a collection of poems with the collective (like-minded souls) in mind. Therefore, let my words spiritually activate YOU ALL.

Here's my first Medium story that includes my eBook Baby that's full of spiritual activations below:

I hope to be the catalyst for those of you that are awakening to your 'Higher Self,' or a guide to those of you that are already on this spiritual journey!

Now, let's wrap this up, so I can share my final thoughts on this platform. I feel less pressure to always be creating just because this platform attracts dynamic thinkers; therefore, it makes me think that you all understand when I'm not publishing stories because you all know that it's a process that shouldn't be rushed. At least, I like to think so. Anyway, I was long overdue to write a story. I write from my phone — I like the convenience of doing so, even though I grow frustrated with the additional steps that it takes to spruce up my writings. The 'listening' feature is not only helpful for me as a writer, but opens the platform to a broader community — Improves the overall experience of the platform. Overall, I'm focused on quality over quantity while building community with other writers that are just as passionate as me when it comes to writing.

Feel free to interact with me in the 'comments.' Share what story made each one of you want to follow my account. Thanks for joining me on this ride. I hope this story inspired you all to be unapologetically yourselves while taking creative risks!



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