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2 min readDec 1, 2022
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For so long, I’ve been writing on Medium from my phone’s web browser (I don’t own a computer). Yesterday, I had to factory reset my phone, thus why I’m back on the app — My phone’s “health” was severely declining. I’m thrilled to be back on the app though. Medium is becoming one of my favorite platforms; I love growing an audience and writing in my authentic voice!

Prior to writing this story, I read a piece on the topic of conversational writing. I know a great deal of you either write on this platform, or have considered it. Maybe, you’re just curious about various topics.

Conversational writing is my preferred writing style:

What are the types of writers that you like to read from?

What’s your writing style?

The latter may take sometime to discover, or develop if you’re new to writing. I strongly recommend reading from a good mix of writers on Medium if you’re new to writing, so you can get a feel of the writer that you desire to be on this platform.

Ask Yourself: What connects me with, yet separates me from other Medium writers?

If you’re an experienced writer, what brings you here?

Do you like to write stories on this topic (discover more on my page)?

Do you want to feel inspired to write more?

Let your curiosity guide YOU, like it’s guiding me here *lol.*

Below are just two writing styles to choose from when writing on this platform:

I like the idea of not always having a writing direction — Writing what I feel divinely guided in the moment!

Writing About Writing has become my thing on this platform because it gives me the freedom to merely exist in all of my writing GLORY.

To not write is to have died.


I hope that this story made you curious about writing in your authentic voice!

*Feel free to stick around and leave a tip if you feel divinely guided to do so.*




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