Writing About Writing: Life Path #3

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Writing has always been my safe space and sharing it with you all has been its own experience. The concept of writing about writing intrigues me. I enjoy journaling and I write on other platforms too — I'm a Life Path #3: Creative Communicator. My self expression is limitless.

Writing allows me to freely express my thoughts, feelings, and ideas into words that's often well received and respected by others — The practice of writing and sharing it with you all makes me not only a better writer and creative, but a better communicator. As a Life Path #3, I feel most connected to the collective when I express myself through different creative outlets. I look up and see the time is 11:11 AM — That's confirmation! When I’m expressing myself in a variety of different ways, I notice that’s when I’m the most happiest, thus I’m the most successful. Therefore, I believe in calculating your Life Path # in order to get to know yourselves on the deepest level while enhancing your lives!

I strongly urge you all to calculate your Life Path # through a google search because I can confirm that mine is spot on when it comes to my gifts and the challenges that may come with these gifts if I don't cultivate them. In short, people who have a Life Path #3 are most successful when they're creative and are able to express themselves in a variety of different ways. We're among the musicians, writers, actors, poets or storytellers — I'm interested in it all!

If your creative outlet is writing, make it messy! You can always go back and polish your writing. The point is just to start. Share your writings with others too. If you need some writing inspo, read my story below:




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